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I have created this site to document the wide range of medals, awards, badges, and fobs from imperial Japan
(roughly 1874 to 1945). There are a few websites here and there with some of these medals, but none are exhaustive.

Start by seeing all the different pages I have by going to the

I would like this site to be as informative as possible, and for that to be successful, I will no doubt need help. As you
will see as you glance through the pages, some of the photos are inadequate and some pages are incomplete. Little
by little I hope to rectify this. If anyone has nice photos that I might be able to use, I would really appreciate it.

I think that in time I will be able to have a photo of every class of award. However, finding all of the badges from the
various military groups, military academies, regiments, units, etc. is impossible.
Unit and regiment badges--along with event badges--exist in great numbers. I will document them as they appear.

Here is a brief introduction to Japanese medals.
Imperial Japanese Flag
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