The 1874 War Medal
Scarcity Scale
1 dot is common. 5 is extremely rare.
Established to commemorate the 3000 Japanese warriors who went to Formosa to avenge the
murder of some shipwrecked Japanese sailors.

The medal was established by
Daijou-kan Law #54 on April 10, Meiji 8 [1875]. Revised (Law #141)
on November 15, 1876. The revision concerned a re-categorizing of the medal from a War Dispatch
Award (
juugun hai) to a War Dispatch Medal (juugun kishou) . The wording is different and
establishes the tradition of the war medals.

Very few of these remain. It is unclear how many of these were made, but perhaps the 3000 warriors
and some of the commanders were given this medal.

It is the earliest war medal and it is the only war medal made of silver. The attached bar says 'Taiwan.'

OBVERSE: Branches of Imperial Paulonia Leaves. Inscribed 'War Medal.'
REVERSE: Inscribed 'Meiji 7 [1874] Year of the Dog.' The latter refers to the
Chinese Sexagenary
Original case
Original presentation document.

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The 1874 War Medal is much smaller than the later dispatch medals.