The 2600th National
Foundation Medal
page 2
1. Record of Awarding the 2600th National Foundation
Commemorative Medal.

2. Takanishi Takatoshi, Holder of the 3rd Rank and 2nd
Class Sacred Treasure

3. Given the 2600th National Foundation
Commemorative Medal according to the Imperial Edict
#488 of 1940.

4. Showa 15 [1940] November 10.
1. Award Medal Department General Chairman, 3rd Rank
and Holder of the 1st Class Sacred Treasure Shimojo

2. This medal has been recorded as number #286312

3. Award Medal Department Secretary, Holder of the 5th
Rank and 5th Class Sacred Treasure Murata Yachiho
Here is an original presentation document for the 2600th National Foundation Medal
A representation of the medal. Below are stylized clouds.
Original paper wrap.
1. Imperial Year 2600 [1940]
2. Imperial Celebration Commemorative Medal
3. Made by the Japan Mint