Dai Nippon
Air Defense Association
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Imperial Japan Air Defense Member badge with original case.
A Merit badge from the Great Japan Air Defense Association.
Marked 'Merit Badge, Great Japan Air Defense Association.' Although member badges from this
group are fairly common, this badge is hard to find. In addition, this is a late-war example. The
differences between this one and earlier merit medals are striking. The metal here is aluminum,
and the colors are painted in, not enameled. There is a faint stamp in the box that has a date:
Showa 18 [1943]
Great Japan Air Defense Association Regular Member badge and presentation document dated

The badge is aluminum, as most of these late-war badges were.
The document says 'Joudou District, Ogami Village, Okamoto Manjirou, Accepted as a Regular
Member in the Association, Showa 18 [1943] December 20.' Signed by the head of the group, and
also Army Minister,
Tojo Hideki. The red stamp is not Tojo's personal stamp. It says 'Great Japan
Air Defense Association Commander.'
Imperial Air Defense Special Member Badge. Aluminum.
Original case.