Various Badges
pg 16
'Protect the Nation'
1894-5 First Sino-Japanese War Medal.
'Conquer China Commemorative.'
Meiji Emperor 25th Wedding Anniversary
Kobe Branch, Military Reservist Member Badge
Taiwan Rowing tournament?
Beautiful sterling silver appreciation badge. The enamel work here is
especially well-done. Although the inscription says nothing about the Fire
Department, the FD design elements on the obverse make the relationship
clear. I suppose the FD awarded this badge to civilians for outstanding
service (donations?).

The insignia at the top is the Nagoya City emblem.

Inscribed 'Citizen Appreciation Badge.' And on reverse: 'Taisho 14 [1925]
December. Sponsored by the Nagoya Newspaper Company.'

Hallmarked sterling silver as well as a maker's mark.
Kempei-tai (military police) Unit Badge
'Saga Prefecture Appearance of the Emperor Commemorative
Showa 24 [1949].'
Small badge with American flags on the obverse and military figures on the reverse.
Inscribed: 'Great Victory Commemorative [大捷記念].'
I cannot figure out what this refers to, but I am guessing it is a WW1 war victory badge.
Manchukuo badge, based on the date:
Koutoku 3 [1935]
Imperial Youth Middle School Badge