Various Badges
pg 16
'Protect the Nation'
1894-5 First Sino-Japanese War Medal.
'Conquer China Commemorative.'
Meiji Emperor 25th Wedding Anniversary
Kobe Branch, Military Reservist Member Badge
Beautiful sterling silver appreciation badge. The enamel work here is
especially well-done. Although the inscription says nothing about the Fire
Department, the FD design elements on the obverse make the relationship
clear. I suppose the FD awarded this badge to civilians for outstanding
service (donations?).

The insignia at the top is the Nagoya City emblem.

Inscribed 'Citizen Appreciation Badge.' And on reverse: 'Taisho 14 [1925]
December. Sponsored by the Nagoya Newspaper Company.'

Hallmarked sterling silver as well as a maker's mark.
Kempei-tai (military police) Unit Badge
'Saga Prefecture Appearance of the Emperor Commemorative
Showa 24 [1949].'
Small badge with American flags on the obverse and military figures on the reverse.
Inscribed: 'Great Victory Commemorative [大捷記念].'
I cannot figure out what this refers to, but I am guessing it is a WW1 war victory badge.
Manchukuo badge, based on the date:
Koutoku 3 [1935]
Imperial Youth Middle School Badge