Various Badges
pg 17
Unknown. Hallmarked sterling; 'badge' on obverse.
Kanazawa Vocational School Tennis Club.
Dated 1915
[??] City. Protect the Nation Unit.
An interesting group of 3 items from Koya Kongobu Temple.
The paper item is a good luck charm, as is the small Buddha piece as far as I
can determine.
A medal and badge set from the Japan Elderly Association. Fairly rare, I
imagine. I have never seen this set before. The design is of course the
Order of the Golden Kite, which was given to those with distinguished
military service. So I imagine this set was given to males (purely

Awarded to those who lived to a certain age. Although no age or rank
here is shown, the common ages of praise are 77, 88, 99, and 100.
Post-war. Pressed cardboard case.
Same as above except for the rosette.
Manchuria Garrison Commemorative.
16th Division.
2 small 1960s pins protesting the use of nuclear
'Victorious Return Celebration Medal.' The paper case has a date:
'Meiji 28 [1895] June.' The stamp on the reverse shows the maker of
the case, not the medal. The shop was located in Kanazawa City.
'Hunting Merit Badge, Great Japan Hunting
Association, Imperial Year 2602 [1942].'

Small badge.
Inscribed 'Akita Forestry Association Meritorious Member Badge.'
Original case with a hand-written inscription describing the badge.
There is also a date: Taisho 4 [1915], November 30.
Small Chewing Gum Company Badge.
The obverse has a soldier with the phrase
'Loyal and Brave.'
4 badges from the Great Japan Forestry Association. Established in 1882. Responsible for
overseeing the development of the woods and forests.

From the left:

1. 'Great Japan Forestry Association Special Silver Merit Badge.' Original lacquered wood case.
2. 'Great Japan Forestry Association Special Member Badge.' Gold gilt; original cardboard case.
3. 'Great Japan Forestry Association Regular Member Badge.' Silver.
4. 'Great Japan Forestry Association 50th Anniversary Commemorative Badge. Showa 6 [1931]