Yamato Musubi:  Uniting Japan
National Political Convention, Representaive Member Badge, Showa 18 [1942]
April 3rd, Tokyo 3rd Meeting Hall
Liberal Democratic Party Membership badge.
Old style. Post-war (1954-1960?)
Obverse: National Foundation
Reverse: National Foundation Festival,
Participation Medal, Imperial Year 2599 [1939]
Various Badges
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Mitsubishi Heavy Machine Factory, Tokyo Armaments Factory
Imperial War Wound Soldier Association Member's Badge
Showa 11 [1936] Army Large Maneuvers in
Hokkaido, Security Patrol Commemorative Badge.
Nicely designed kendo badge. The reverse has an insignia similar to the Imperial
Guards', but it may be just a coincidence.

Inscribed '[??] Kendo Club, [Imperial Year] 2585 [1925].'
Excellent civil defense badge. The design has a large gold
Army star superimposed on an Imperial mum crest. Also in
the design is a plane, spotlight, and a rifle. Below are gilt
branches and bow.

Inscribed 'Showa 8 [1933], August, Kanto Air Defense Large
Maneuvers, Participation Commemorative Badge, Shitaya
District, Taisho Division.'
Scarce swastika design merit badge with case. The
arms of the swastika are enameled.

The name of the awarding group is the Fukuda-kai.
I am not familiar with this group.
Thick medallion.
Inscribed 'Tokyo Imperial University Track and Field Tournament, 1930.'
Small aviation-related badge.
The central emblem is unknown to me--Osaka City logo?
Small aviation-related badge.
The central emblem is unknown to me, but it may be a family crest.
1894-5 China War Dispatch Badge
Thai badge: 25th Buddhist Century Celebration Medal
15 Years Accident Free.
Driving Foundation badge.
Large political silver merit medal. (Note the size of the
case next to a regular medal case.)

Inscribed '
Liberal Democratic Party Merit Medal.' The
medal itself is hallmarked on the reverse with an 'A' and a
serial number. Paulonia wood case with silk padded lining
on the lid, and velvet lining in the main box. Outer
cardboard presentation box with paper wrap.
Badge Corporation.  Inscribed 'Peace
Commemorative Medal, Heisei 17 [2005].' On the
reverse at the bottom: '60 Years of Peace

Hallmarked in 3 places. SILVER is stamped on the
suspension claw, 'pure silver' is on the obverse
with the Matsumoto Badge logo, and then it has
been hallmarked by the Japanese Mint. You can
see the flag and number 1000 in a diamond shape.

The medal measures about 3.5 cm diameter.
It weighs about 26 grams.
A random listing of badges I have found
here and there.
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