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Japanese Medals
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Medaled Pilots of Japanese Army Air Force in World War II
A Japanese magazine supplement for modellers, but this is a great
reference for information on the
There are pictures of the badge, the case, and also of the award
documents. In addition, it shows many photos of pilots wearing this
badge. The text is mostly in Japanese, but the pilots' names and other
selected text is in English.

Every page has period photographs. Each medaled pilot is introduced
individually with photos and a record of achievement.
1956 issue with a 5-page article concerning the
possible reinstatement of the medal system, which
was abolished by the US in 1946. The content is
light and no useful medal detail information is here,
but it is an interesting document. The medal
system would be re-established in 1964.
1934 supplement that has full color plates of
all the orders and medals.