Various Buddhist
Large badge. 'Special Medal of Merit, Otani Women's Association.'

Otani is a branch of Jodo Buddhism.
Extra piece to be attached to the 1st Class Merit Badge from the Otani
Women's Association.
Buddhist Youth Association swastika badge.

Dated Showa 9 [1934] July 18-23. Meetings held in Tokyo and Kyoto.
Small Buddhist Youth Association swastika pin badge.
Small Buddhist Youth Association swastika pin badge.

Enamel badge. Otani Group Meritorious Member Medal.

It looks and feels like pure silver, but it is not marked.
Lacquered wood case.
Fukuda Association, Regular Member Badge. Wood case.
'Violet Merit Award, Otani Women's Association.'

The violet flower (
sumire 菫) is the group emblem.

Inscribed 'Tokyo Merciful Charity Association, Life Member.'
Buddhist badge?
Unknown age.
Some kind of merit badge from a Buddhist temple, I think.
Not sure if these two are related to Buddhism... I think they are, though.
'Otani Women's Association, Buddhist Discussion
Group, Member Badge.'
Otani Group, Nagoya Temple. 650th Anniversary?
Buddhist association member badge?