Honma Badge
and Philippines-related
Honma badges are in silver and bronze.
However, replicas (fakes) exist as well.
The best resource I can find for these medals is
Coins, Medals and Tokens of the Philippines by Aldo Basso.
1968. Chenby Publishers.
Photos courtesy of P. Murphy.
Thanks very much!
Silver version with upper loop.
OBVERSE: 'Commemorating the Expedition to the Philippines 1942.'
Measures 36 mm diameter.
Jawa landing badge dated March 1, 1942
Marked 'SILVER.'

The inscription reads 'Philippines Dispatch Commemorative,
Hane 8352 Platoon, 2602 [1942].'
Hane is the unit code designation.

It weighs about 19 grams. Measures about 4.5 cm by 4 cm.
'Capture of the Philippines Commemorative. Imperial Year 2602 [1942].
9936 Platoon. Great East Asia War Participant.'