1940 Athletic Meet
In 1940 the Summer Olympics were scheduled to be held in Tokyo, but the world crises caused it to be
canceled. Japan wanted to bolster national spirit and also give their athletes a chance to compete, so they
established the Celebratory Imperial Year 2600 East Asia Athletic Meet in Tokyo. Allegedly, many athletes
from Asia were invited. However, I haven't found much detailed information about it yet. I have found three
badges, though, and these are shown below.

Note that the color of the numbers and borders differ. This may indicate a category of official or athlete.
Boxed with attached ribbon. The box is inscribed 'Imperial Year 2600 [1940]
Celebration, East Asia Athletic Meet, Officer's Badge.'

The badge itself:  'Imperial Year 2600 [1940] Celebration, East Asia Athletic Meet.'
The ribbon: 'Basketball (