Swordmanship (Kendo) Badges
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Kendo tournament watch fob, dated 2596 [1936]
Kendo/Judo tournament watch fob, dated 2596 [1936]
Kendo (swordfighting) skills belt buckle. Nicely detailed kendo mask over a sword guard background.
Inscribed '
Matsukan Factory Corporation, Saitama, Tokyo.'
This company makes a variety of martial arts items as well as other sports equipment. It started
business in Meiji 40 [1907].
Unknown age, but since the current name first appeared in Showa 25 [1950], it cannot date prior to that.
Since the obverse has a kendo mask, practice
sword, and practice rifle, this most certainly was
an award for an Army unit kendo tournament.
'Championship 686, Prize, Manchuria 686th Unit.'
Tokyo High School Kendo Club watch fob. Dated imperial
Year 2595, which is 1935.
The inscription reads 'Kendo Tournament Participation Commemorative,
Sponsored by the 3rd Division, Showa 8 [1933].'
Kendo /jukendo tournament award badge. Both a sword and bayonet practice rifle are in the design.
The star in the center shows this was an Army regiment award of some sort.
I am unsure what the reverse inscription refers to.
Kendo (swordfighting) badge.
Dated Imperial Year 2577 [1917].

Inscribed '6th National Middle School Kendo [sword fighting]
Tournament Participation Badge. Sponsored by the National
Middle School Kendo Federation. Showa 10 [1935] August.'

Original case marked 'Participation Badge.'
The badge measures about 3.5 cm square.
This bronze medal is inscribed '3rd Championship Tournament,
Osaka Government Office Kendo (sword fighting) Federation. Showa
13 [1938] November. Made by Japan Mint.' In the center is what I think
is a traditional Zen saying that roughly translates as 'Lightning
slashes the spring wind.'

BIG! The medal measures about 9 cm diameter and weighs about
187 grams.
The obverse has a lion with a kanji meaning
'martial arts.' Also inscribed 'Japan University
Kendo Club. [Imperial year] 2585 [1925].'
Showa 10 [1935]. Kanto Army Kendo Tournament Commemorative.
Sterling silver (hallmarked) kendo (traditional Japanese sword fighting) club badge.
Superb design showing a tiger and dragon facing off upon a sword guard (
Inscribed '
Kanazawa Commerical High School Kendo Club 1932.'

Superb design showing a samurai helmet with a 'W' for Waseda University.  Inscribed
'Waseda University Kendo Club. Autumn Tournament 1920.'

Superb design in the shape of a kendo breastplate and a 'D.'  
Inscribed 'Dokkyou School Kendo Club. 26th Annual Tournament
2581 [1921].'

Inscribed 'Kendo. Waseda University. 26th Annual Tournament
1922.' The large kanji on the obverse means 'kendo.'
Superb design in the shape of a kendo tare (a protective covering for the waist
and groin areas) upon a sword guard (
tsuba).  Inscribed 'Waseda University
Kendo Tournament. Taisho 8 [1919].'

The large kanji on the obverse means 'kendo.'

Inscribed 'Kendo. Gift to [???]. 2581 [1921].' The large kanji on the
obverse means 'kendo.'

The 'W' on the reverse most likely refers to Waseda University.