Manchukuo Empire:
Badges, page 1
The Manchukuo Empire lasted from 1932 to 1945. In that time a variety of groups
with a variety of purposes was formed. And in Japan the migration of so many people
to Manchuria to start a better life spawned a large propaganda effort by the
government, which led to many pro-Manchukuo groups being formed. As a result,
you can find a lot of badges and pins with the Manchukuo flag and other symbols
associated with that empire.

Still, some of them are quite rare and prized by collectors.
The medal above is from the collection of Michael Quigley.
Thank you for the photos!
This is from the collection of Michael Quigley.
Thank you for the photos!
Merit Badge
Established in 1937. Awarded for long
meritorious military service

OBVERSE: 'Manchukuo Defense Commemorative.'
REVERSE: 'Hinkou-shou, Hulan District [part of Harbin City], Officials and Private Sector United.'
Manchukuo Rail Defense Badge.
The insignia for this unit is on the obverse with cherry blossoms.
The reverse has a map with different rail stations in Manchukuo.
The inscription reads something like '3rd Independent Rail
Defense Unit, Accident-Free Railroad Patrol Service Badge.'
It reads 'New Asia Association, Full Member.'

Small. Diameter: about 2.3 cm
It reads 'Great Japan Academic Association. Railways, Commerce, Medicine. Tokyo, [Siping?].'

I am not sure what the second place name is, but it seems most likely to be one in Manchukuo.

Small. Diameter: about 2.3 cm
Watch fob. I am fairly certain this is a Manchukuo item because
of the sorghum branches around the Army star.
In the background is a vaguely familiar pagoda, some hills and
trees. To the center right are farmers or maybe grazing animals.

Below is a silvered train engine with E E E below. I do not know
the meaning of that.

The reverse is inscribed 'Showa 11 [1936]. Engine [??] Business
Commemorative.' I cannot make out the blurred (worn) kanji.
'Protect the Nation'