Navy Technical Skills
Merit Badge
This is the exceedingly rare Imperial Navy Technical Skills Merit Badge. (Called the Military
Skills Merit Badge
in one of my Japanese sources.) Established August 1941.

Similar to the
Army Technical Skills badge, this was awarded for innovations and inventions in
the field of naval science. Awarded most commonly to those who advanced the field of
torpedoes, artillery, and electrical devices (such as radar) on warships and transport vessels.

Enamel obverse. The center design shows a traditional Japanese shield outline, within which
is an orange Navy anchor, an arrow, white stylized waves, and a silver kanji meaning 'technical.'

Floating about are three yellow clouds.
In the background is a black (dark purple?) cherry blossom.
The reverse is inscribed 'Navy Technical Skills Badge.'

I do not think this is made of sterling silver.
Kiri wood case of issue. Fitted.
Inscribed 'Navy Technical Skills Badge.'
The badge itself weighs about 32.5 grams.
Scarcity Scale
1 dot is common. 5 is extremely rare.