Commemorative Medals
page 6
In addition to the medals made at the Japan Mint, there is a large variety of
privately-made medals, awards, commemorations, etc. These are usually
large and heavy but some are smaller pieces.

Here are a few examples.
Inscribed 'Domestic Product Excellence Award. Emperor
Enthronement Commemorative. Promotion of Domestic
Products, Tokyo Exhibition. Showa 3 [1928] May.'

A larger medal, but it is rather light. Gold colored aluminum?
Inscribed 'Award. 7th National Domestic Product Exhibition.
Taisho 2 [1913] May. Held at [Odo?]'
Inscribed 'Award. 10th National Domestic Product Exhibition.
Taisho 3 [1914] November. Held at Nara.'
Inscribed 'Award. Opening of the San'in Railroad Commemorative. National
Domestic Product Exhibition.
Meiji 45 [1912] June.'
The medal itself has no inscriptions, but the interior lid shows this was a
3rd place medal for a middle school sumo tournament.

Dated Aug 10, 1969.
Inscribed 'Award. Kyoto. National 5-2 Goods Exhibition.  
Meiji 40 [1907].' The '5/2 Association' promoted
domestic  agricultural goods.
Inscribed '2nd National Fruit Goods Exhibition.  Meiji 35 [1902].'
The figure on the obverse appears to be the mythical
Emperor Jimmu.