2nd Class Breast Badge
Order of the Sacred Treasure
1st & 2nd Classes
瑞宝章 (一等・二等)
The Sacred Treasure award was established in 1888. It is the only Japanese medal that has a
triangular fold for the ribbon. It has eight classes, which are not only designated by a number but also by
a name. So oftentimes, on award documents, for example, the number of the class will not be indicated
but the name of the award will be. Here are the names in English:

1st Class Large Ribbon Award
2nd Class Sacred Treasure Award
3rd Class Sacred Treasure Medium Ribbon Award
4th Class Sacred Treasure Small Ribbon Award
5th Class Two Lights Sacred Treasure Award ('Two Lights': i.e., gold and silver plating)
6th Class One Light Sacred Treasure Award ('One Light': i.e., only silver plating)
7th Class Sacred Treasure Gold Award
8th Class Sacred Treasure Silver Award

Note that these are literal translations. I haven't checked to see if they are the official English translations.

In 2003 the numbered classes were abolished. There are currently only 6 different medals. See
Japan Mint page for details.

The first person to receive the 1st Class Award was IJA Major-General Ida Yuzuru (b. 1838, d. 1889).
At the beginning, women were not permitted to receive this award. They received the Sacred Crown
instead. However, this was changed on May 21, 1919. The women's award is the same except for the
style of the ribbon.
2nd Class award document, dated 1940
outer cardboard case
Late Meiji/Taisho era case
early Meiji-era case
Some close-ups of the 2nd Class Breast Badge