The Order of the Precious Crown
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Here is a small paper that I found. It has nicely detailed renderings of the first three
classes of the Precious Crown. On the reverse are photos of each woman who had
received the 1st Class award up to the present, which was 1930 (the year this poster was
printed. I'll translate the names of the women when I get a bit more time.
The poster (pull-out?) is small. It measures 30.5 cm by 22 cm.
1st Class
2nd Class
3rd Class
TRANSLATION OF 1st CLASS RECIPIENTS (from top row and read from the left)
1st ROW:
Princess Takamatsu
Princess Chichibu   
2nd ROW:

Sanjo Chieko (wife of
Prince Kanin Kotohito)

3rd ROW:
4th ROW:
5th ROW:
And here is an illustration of the 1st Class
badge from a 1934 medal book.
8th Class Order of the Precious Crown
decoration. There are traces of gold on the cherry
blossoms that could indicate a 7th Class medal,
but this might just be discoloring. The gilt crown in
the center has retained most of the gold. The
reverse, as you can see, has some issues with
the silver plating. The ribbon has some damage,
too, and the pin assembly is missing. So this is
not a pristine example, but it is still fairly rare.