Sea Disaster
Rescue Society Badges
As Peterson mentions in his book, badges and medals awarded by this group are not
official government-issued. They are issued solely by the Sea Disaster Rescue Society,
which is in operation even today.

This group's pre-WW2 name was prefaced by the word '
Teikoku [Imperial]' and the
inclusion of that word on the reverses indicates a pre-war vintage. See examples below.

See some medals

Generally speaking, badges indicate membership in the group, while medals were
given for merit. The medals had three classes. The membership badges seem to have
a few different classes, too, indicated (as on the medals) by gold gilt.
Imperial Sea Disaster Rescue Society full member badge with original
case. Aluminum or some other inexpensive metal.
Imperial Sea Disaster Rescue Society meritorious member badge with original case.
These appear to be silver, but they are unmarked.
Another meritorious member badge example.
Another full member badge example.
Imperial Sea Disaster Rescue Society special member badge with original case.
Rare Imperial Sea Disaster Rescue Association Supporting Member
Merit Award.
This appears to be one of the very early versions. The case is thickly
padded and fitted exactly to the medal.
2nd Class Merit Medal
3rd Class Merit Medal
Japan Sea Disaster Rescue 3rd Class Merit Medal. The
case has also a hand-written word 'Special,' but I don't
know if it is official.

Post-war example. Original case of issue.