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My 1st ebook on Japanese medals.
The title is:
The Imperial Ordinances for War and
Commemorative Medals of Japan and
Manchukuo, 4th Edition

All Japanese medal collectors will need this reference.
Includes full translations of the Imperial Ordinances for the
nine War Medals, the twelve Commemorative Medals, and the
six Manchukuo medals. The ordinances specify the designs,
the dates, the conditions of eligibility, and other essential
details. Photos of the medals, most cases, and most award
documents included.

The book is 94 pages and the cost is
550 yen. I will email you
the file within 24 hours after payment.

This is an ebook, NOT a paper book.
My 2nd ebook on Japanese medals and badges.
The title is:
Imperial Japan Medals and Badges Book #2:
Order of Precedence, Rosettes &
Ryakuju, and
Assorted Badges of Japan and Manchukuo

Included are the following: Order of Precedence for Wearing Medals; Rosettes,
Service Ribbons, and Miniature Medals; Army NCO badge; Military Merit Badge;
Army Technical Skills Badge; Field Marshall's Badge; Aide-de-Camp Badge;
Manchukuo Pilot Badge; Local Administration Merit Badge (Manchukuo); Kouan
[Hsingan] Province Government Employee Badge  (Manchukuo); Merit Badge
(Manchukuo); Aide-de-Camp badge (Manchukuo); General's Badge
(Manchukuo); Military Medals for Animals.

The book is 21 pages and the cost is
250 yen. I will email you the file within 24
hours after payment.

This is an ebook, NOT a paper book.
My 3rd ebook on Japanese medals.
The title is:
The Order of Culture and the Medals of
Honor, 2nd Edition
The book is 35 pages and the cost is 290 yen. I will email
you the file within 24 hours after payment.

This is an ebook, NOT a paper book.
Black and white line original line drawings of the 1935 Manchukuo Imperial Navy
Uniform Ordinance. No commentary, just translations for each picture.
The title is:
The Manchukuo Imperial Navy Uniform Ordinance of 1935
The book is 45 total pages and the cost is 50 yen. I will email you the file within 24
hours after payment.

This is an ebook, NOT a paper book.

VOLUME 1 (12 issues and 1 supplement):
1200 yen

See individual issue details HERE
Inscribed: 'University. Rugby Club. Championship. Taisho 15 [1926].'

Item name: Rugby
Price:  990 yen   
Two Japanese Police Department Traffic Safety Division lapel rosettes
On the left is the Gold (1st Class) Merit Badge rosette, and on the right is
the Bronze (3rd Class) Merit Badge rosette. You can see some differences,
most notably in the length of the shorter rays.

Item name: Traffic
Price:  990 yen   
Nice gold gilt table medal. Excellent detail. Japanese Mint hallmark on both the case and reverse of
the medal.

Inscribed 'Showa 8 [1933] July. Otaru City Establishment of the New Government Building.'
Otaru City is in Hokkaido.

Diameter: about 6 cm.

Item name: Otaru
Price:  3,990 yen   
Japanese Mint hallmark on edge of the medal.

Inscribed 'Showa 4 [1929] July. Japanese Mint Establishment of a New  Building.'
No case.

Item name: Mint2
Price:  1,290 yen   
Quite scarce small badge with American flags on the obverse and military figures on the reverse.
Inscribed: 'Great Victory Commemorative [大捷記念].'
I cannot figure out what this refers to, but I am guessing it is a WW1 war victory badge.

Some tarnish and wear. No case.

Item name: American
Price:  4,990 yen   
Very rare 1936 Berlin Olympics-related aluminum badge.
The obverse has the Olympic rings and the German phrase 'I call the youth of the world.' This phrase was
inscribed on the Bell Tower made specifically for the 1936 Olympics.
The reverse says 'university.'

Some tarnish and wear. No case.


Item name: Berlin
Price:  14,990 yen   
Nicely made small badge.

Inscribed 'Otaru Military Reservist
Association. Established on
Meiji 34 [1901] June 23.'
Otaru City is in Hokkaido.

Item name: OtaruReservist
Price:  1,990 yen   
Award medal. No case.
Inscribed 'Award. Emperor Enthronement Celebration. Agricultural Goods Exhibition.
[???] 2nd Federation of Towns Agricultural Association. Showa 3 [1928].'

Item name: Agricultural
Price: 1,990 yen   
Small sericulture-related medal.
No case.
Probably Meiji era.

Item name: sericulture
Price: 1,590 yen   
'Hokkaido Marine Products Competitive Exhibition. Supporting Association.'

The case has the hallmark of the famous badge maker

Item name: suzuki
Price: 2,590 yen   
Probably Meiji era based on its style, but that is just
a guess. The obverse kanji in the center read
'medal.' The reverse is inscribed 'Jiji Newspaper
Youth Division.' This newspaper existed from 1882
to 1951, so obviously the medal falls within that time
frame. Original case of issue.

Item name: jiji
Price:  1,990 yen   
Watch fob. No case.
Inscribed 'Championship. 6th Yokohama Civilian Swimming Meet. Sponsored by
Yokohama City & Yokohama Athletic Association. Showa 8 [1933] August.'

Item name: Swimming
Price:  590 yen   
3 related items.
First, a gold gilt table medal with original case.
Inscribed 'Education Merit Award. Imperial
Education Association 50th Anniversary
Commemorative. Showa 8 [1933].'

Second, an enamel badge with long ribbon and
attached rosette. Inscribed '1937. 7th World
Education Association Conference. Participation
The participant's name (Nakamura Fujijirou) is
handwritten on the case lid and on the badge label.
The case lid is here, but part of it is missing. No
bottom of the case remains.

Third, a registration card for the 1937 7th World
Education Association Conference.  Nakamura
Fujijirou's name is on this card, and the
registration number is 586. Dated August 2-7,
1937. Note that the emblem on the card matches
the emblem on the large medal.

Item name: Nakamura
Price:  6,990 yen   
Imperial Year 2600 [1940] Celebration Committee, Special Member Badge. Kiri wood case.

Item name: 2600
Price:  1290 yen
Imperial Year 2600 [1940] Tokyo City Celebration Committee,
Commemorative Badge. Paper case.

Item name: Celebration
Price:  1290 yen