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Two bronze Sundays badges from the Japanese Mint, dated 1967 and 1989.

Item name: Sundays
My 1st ebook on Japanese medals.
The title is:
The Imperial Ordinances for War and
Commemorative Medals of Japan and
Manchukuo, 4th Edition

All Japanese medal collectors will need this reference.
Includes full translations of the Imperial Ordinances for the
nine War Medals, the twelve Commemorative Medals, and the
six Manchukuo medals. The ordinances specify the designs,
the dates, the conditions of eligibility, and other essential
details. Photos of the medals, most cases, and most award
documents included.

The book is 94 pages and the cost is
550 yen. I will email you
the file within 24 hours after payment.

This is an ebook, NOT a paper book.
My 2nd ebook on Japanese medals and badges.
The title is:
Imperial Japan Medals and Badges Book #2:
Order of Precedence, Rosettes &
Ryakuju, and
Assorted Badges of Japan and Manchukuo

Included are the following: Order of Precedence for Wearing Medals; Rosettes,
Service Ribbons, and Miniature Medals; Army NCO badge; Military Merit Badge;
Army Technical Skills Badge; Field Marshall's Badge; Aide-de-Camp Badge;
Manchukuo Pilot Badge; Local Administration Merit Badge (Manchukuo); Kouan
[Hsingan] Province Government Employee Badge  (Manchukuo); Merit Badge
(Manchukuo); Aide-de-Camp badge (Manchukuo); General's Badge
(Manchukuo); Military Medals for Animals.

The book is 21 pages and the cost is
250 yen. I will email you the file within 24
hours after payment.

This is an ebook, NOT a paper book.
My 3rd ebook on Japanese medals.
The title is:
The Order of Culture and the Medals of
Honor, 2nd Edition
The book is 35 pages and the cost is 290 yen. I will email
you the file within 24 hours after payment.

This is an ebook, NOT a paper book.
Black and white line original line drawings of the 1935 Manchukuo Imperial Navy
Uniform Ordinance. No commentary, just translations for each picture.
The title is:
The Manchukuo Imperial Navy Uniform Ordinance of 1935
The book is 45 total pages and the cost is 50 yen. I will email you the file within 24
hours after payment.

This is an ebook, NOT a paper book.

VOLUME 1 (12 issues and 1 supplement):
1200 yen

See individual issue details HERE
3-piece set.

Two merit medals from the Kanazawa Temple.
It had extensive damage from fire in 1962, and
a\was fully restored in 1971. These medals
were awarded for help in the restoration. One is
labeled the 3rd type (including the original paper
case) and the other the 4th type (no case).

The third piece (below) is related to the
rebuilding of the Great Gate of the temple. Same
time period.

Item name: Kanazawa
Price:  2,990 yen
Buddhist medal. Gold gilt Special Member badge.

Item name: Buddhist
Price:  990 yen
Buddhist medal. Gold & silver gilt 4th Special Member badge.

Item name: Buddhist2
Price:  990 yen
Buddhist medal. Silver gilt Regular Member badge.

Item name: Buddhist3
Price:  790 yen
Inscribed '3rd Class Medal. 5th Domestic Goods
Exhibition.  Meiji 36 [1903].'

Excellently detailed bronze table medal.

Inscribed 'Award from the Science and
Technology Agency Minister. Inventive Ideas
Merit Award.' Hallmarked 'Made at the
Japanese Mint.'

Undated, but this agency only existed from
1956 to 2001.
A pair of Spiritual Mobilization Formal Wear Patriotic Badges. The
red/white badge is for normal formal wear; the black badge is for
funerals. The former is missing the pin.

Item name: CivilianPair
Price:  1,990 yen
Showa 7 [1932] Buddhist badge, Otani Branch.

Otani is a branch of Jodo Buddhism.

Inscribed 'Domestic Product Excellence Award. Emperor
Enthronement Commemorative. Promotion of Domestic
Products, Tokyo Exhibition. Showa 3 [1928] May.'

A larger medal, but it is rather light. Gold colored aluminum?

Early Japanese Cavalry badge.
The obverse shows the Army star and the cavalry insignia.

Inscribed '9th Cavalry 1st [Brigade?] 1st Year Soldier Skills
Commemorative Medal, Meiji 40 [1907].'

I'm not sure i
f the box is original.

Item name: Cavalry
5,990 yen
Village official's badge.

Item name: Village
1,290 yen
'Ministry of Education Approved Correspondence Course. Silver
Medal. Japan English Education Association.'

Sterling silver.

Item name: English
Price:  1,
690 yen
A pair of cuff links.

The obverse reads 'Patriotic Movement.'

Inscribed on reverse: 'China Incident. Wounded Soldier
Association. Showa 7 [1932] March 1.'

There is a hallmark on the attachment pieces, but I
cannot read it.

No box.

Item name: cuff
Price:  5,990 yen