Purchase the first volume of my Imperial Japan Medals monthly newsletter! 12
issues (plus a supplement chart for pre- and post-2003 medals) for 1200 yen.
What it includes:
13 PDF files (electronically, no paper involved) of a few pages each. The information includes detail about Japanese
medals and decorations, facts that are not readily available in English. This is information that is not available on this

ISSUE #1 (February 2012): The Japanese Honor Systems explained and detailed. (8 pages.)
ISSUE #1 SUPPLEMENT: List of pre-WW2 and post-2003 medals with Japanese names transcribed & English

ISSUE #2 (March 2012): Introducing the 1st private manufacturer of badges in Japan--and a few of his rare 1894
Sino-Japanese War medals described.
(8 pages)

ISSUE #3 (April 2012): Statistics issue! Total numbers of each class of each order awarded in the years 1951-1960. Also
the numbers of each class of each order (excluding the Golden Kite) awarded from 1875 to 1936.  And a tidbit of info
about the 1964 Tokyo Olympics medals.
(5 pages)

ISSUE #4 (May 2012): A profile of a Japanese sculptor, Hinago Jitsuzou. In addition to his sculptures, he designed a few
of the most famous Japanese medals.
(11 pages)

ISSUE #5 (June 2012): Official weights of the main Japanese medals; pre-war standards for awarding the main
decorations; book recommendation.
(10 pages)

ISSUE #6 (July 2012): War dead award special. 1st five war dead award ceremonies detailed. Opinions of the bereaved,
mistakes in awards, etc.
(9 pages)

ISSUE #7 (August 2012): Some information about two early medal manufacturers: Hirata and Namikawa. Book
(9 pages)

ISSUE #8 (September 2012): Some information about medal manufacturing. Early Red Ribbon Medal of Honor foreign
(10 pages)

ISSUE #9 (October 2012): Some information about the Japan Mint Sundays medals. Early Medal of Honor foreign
(10 pages)

ISSUE #10 (November 2012): Some information about the Imperial Maritime Society with badges and medals detailed.
(10 pages)

ISSUE #11 (December 2012): Some post-war medal recipients; the pre-war Decorations Bureau presidents detailed;
(10 pages)

ISSUE #12 (January 2013):  LAST ISSUE of VOLUME 1. Who could receive the 1942 China Incident Medal? Eligible
recipients detailed.
KIA badge train passes, etc.
VOLUME 1 (12 issues and 1 supplement):
1200 yen
This is the highly prestigious International Art Culture Prize
awarded by the Japan Culture Promotion Association. This
medal is rarely seen on the market.

The enamel work is of the highest quality and this is a large,
heavy piece with a long sash of watered silk.

The interior case lid is inscribed with 'General Chairman
Nashimoto,' so this example dates from 1981-87. The
recipient's name is not recorded on the medal or case.

The main medal measures about 7.5 cm long and weighs
about 165 grams.

Nice condition but it could use a gentle cleaning.

Item name: Culture
Price: 58,990 yen